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Conflict to Chemistry


  • Instead of fighting against each other, you're on the same team, fighting for each other
  • No longer bottling up your emotions until one of you explodes

  • Instead of becoming distant and short with each other, resolving conflict brings you closer together

  • Both of you having such strong communication skills that you feel seen, heard, and understood

  • Knowing when to pick your battles, stand up for yourself, & set boundaries, and also knowing when to let the little things go

  • Resolving conflict in a fun, flirty, and sexy way.

This self-paced 3-part workshop for couples includes: 

  • three 90 minute pre-recorded coaching sessions 
  • a workbook with homeplay assignments to integrate what you've been learning 
  • Lecture notes to accompany coaching sessions, with bonus notes not included in the recordings
  • Bonus: The Empowered Lover Workbook Series 

Learn to discharge negative energy and come back to love

Learn to Meditate

It's much easier to devote yourself to something that you love doing versus forcing yourself to do something because you think you should. 

If you've always wanted to be the kind of person who meditates, but you've never been able to make that habit stick—this course will make you fall in love with meditation.

This course is for you if you want to...

  • Get out of your head and be more present w/ your loved ones
  • Enjoy more peace & harmony in your relationships
  • Release anxieties, worries, & insecurities
  • Connect more deeply w/ yourself & others

Open Heart 2023

The walls you've built around your heart to keep others at arm's reach and protect yourself from getting hurt will crumble as you relax into a heart-expanding ritual.

The Jade Egg Method

What will we do:

Learn HOW to circulate your sexual energy

Unlock breast & nipple-gasm pleasure

Initiation into the ancient art known as the jade egg method

Strengthen, tone, & relax the vaginal muscles by learning HOW to use them

Who is it for:

  • Women experiencing heavy menstrual flow or bladder leakage
  • Post-partum mums who had a vaginal birth
  • Mums to be who want to avoid tearing during birth
  • Women who experience vaginal numbness or pain* during sex
  • Women who want to unlock multiple & full-body orgasm potential


*If you’re experiencing pain during sex, visit your trusted health care professional. If you cannot comfortably insert a finger inside the vagina without pain, the Jade Egg Method is not the right fit for you at this time. 

Yoga for the 4 Phases

Hey Babe, 

Have you ever thought you were crazy?

Have you ever hated yourself for being energetic and enthusiastic one day, and napping on the couch with a box of cookies the next?

Have you ever excitedly made plans with a friend and then when the day actually comes around you hope that your friend cancels so that you don't have to?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, YOGA FOR THE 4 PHASES will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! 

30-Day Yoga Challenge

Experience the pleasure of making (self) love in a body that does yoga everyday

Sexual Yoga Academy

You're getting in the way of enjoying your sex life if: 
(this is going to be confrontational for you)

  • you're making passive aggressive comments & giving short, one-word answers
  • you know everything you need to know about sex & you're not open to trying new things. 
  • you're acting like nothing is bothering you so they'll know you're upset (you know the vibe) 
  • you micromanage, are hyper vigilant, or highly critical
  • you are going about your business, not being clear about your intentions/desires, hoping they will make the first move
  • you're moving too fast, forgetting about the romance & turn on

The Sexual Yoga Academy is for you if: 

  • you're craving deeper connection & intimacy
  • you're in a rut & you need to spice things up, but don't know where to start 
  • you're in a long-term relationship and you're bored of doing the same 3 moves every time 
  • you value an amazing relationship and sex life 
  • lately your relationship has been feeling stale 
  • you've always known there has to be more to sex and you just wish that you knew what to google to make sex a sacred experience 

Where you'll end up: 

  • enjoying new sexual skills & techniques
  • connecting more deeply & intimately during sex 
  • enjoying an amazing relationship & sex life 
  • psychedelic orgasmic experiences are the norm 
  • hot & erotic sexual chemistry that's authentic 

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